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What to Evaluate, before Purchase, concerning the Mechanics of a Rosin Press Machine

I am confident that the word ‘rosin’ is one you have come across severally, especially if you have dealt with varnishes and adhesives before. Have you ever come across a certain translucent golden yellow sticky glue-like fluid? The above may not be a detailed characterization of what I’m precisely talking about, but it will help you get a vivid understanding for now. That yellow liquid that is entirely unpalatable to some, by the way, is rosin. Rosin finds its primary use in making adhesives and in the treatment of the bows of stringed instruments like violins and guitars. Being that rosin has certain financial advantages, you can start reaping form it by purchasing a machine to aid in its extraction. Such a device is called a rosin press machine, and there exists plenty of such in the market. This article is your guide through some of the technical considerations that you need to examine before you go about purchasing a rosin press machine.

The first technical parameter has to do with the rosin press machine plates. You need to have long and narrow rectangular plates if you want to maximize the production from the extraction procedure. With rectangular plates, you are able to maximize the perimeter to area ratio. Having a greater perimeter means that there will be more room through which the rosin can escape once pressed. Again, narrow plates will allow for the distance between the center of the bag, containing the material, and the edge of the bag to be minimized. This means that the rosin will travel a shorter distance once squeezed out hence fewer chances of degradation due to heat.

Next up is the subject of pressure to be addressed. Many tend to think that the more pressure they put in, the better the rosin. This is a misconception since the pressure is affected by many things including material being pressed, humidity, and quality of the growth process and age of the material. Excess pressure can result in plenty of lipids and unwanted pigments ending up in the rosin which reduces quality. You should go for a rosin press machine with solid construction in terms of sustaining pressure within the desired range throughout the extraction process.

Lastly, make sure you consider heating factors. Heat needs to be looked into keenly for its needed to enhance extraction while an excess of it will cause more harm than good. To get this right, there must be even distribution of heat. Recall it is the heat that lowers the viscosity of the rosin so that it flows. The secret is in the positioning of the heating coil in the plates. Therefore, before purchasing the rosin press machine, discuss with the seller as to where the heating coils have been placed and whether these positions will bring about even heat distribution.

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