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About Vertical Crop Production Systems

Vertical growing systems have been in use for a period but there is a lot to them than meets the eye. The concept that brought about vertical growth systems is quite intriguing. In vertical growing systems the light is hung vertically, that’s where the name comes from, the plants are then set around the source of illumination. Vertical growing systems have a lot of benefits they offer and that happens to be the main reason why those practicing it have adopted it.

This set up ensures that you are maximally making use of the height in the growing space. The direct light allows the plant to be in contact with the source of energy , scattered bouncing effect of reflective rays therefore becomes something you need not worry about. This system ensures could see you have a lot of cannabis yields from a very small space. vertical growing system will be indoors, a controlled environment that allows you to produce round year.

The system is also ideal because it offers protection to the crops in case of extreme weather conditions. With the vertical systems you are able to produce more organic crops because the indoor environment does not need the use of chemicals like if your crops were in the open. Vertical growing systems use seventy percent of water less than outdoor farming. The wastewater can even be recycled and be put to other use.

Vertical system of growth is very sympathetic with the environment as there will be less use of mechanical energy and fossil fuels hence less emissions, apart from that more land can be put under forest cover. Vertical growing system is also human health friendly, you will not be exposed to dangerous chemicals and hazards that are associated with traditional forms of farming. Vertical growing also saves on the cost that is associated with transportation because most of the times the industries will come to buy and collect the cannabis from your farm.

The farms using this growing system can produce energy through biogas which can be enough to sustain their needs and even have some, surplus that can be sold. vertical growing systems, when combined with the latest technologies in agriculture, will see rural areas grow. This will help in the depopulation of cities that are too congested. Vertical growing systems are not suited for all kinds of crops , cannabis and a few other have qualities that make them do well when grown this way. It is advisable to visit people practicing the vertical growing system and see how it works before you get into it.

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